Grinding is one of the best methods to even out a stone surface. Even and smooth floor or wall, it absorbs less harmful external factors, is protected against dirt, and is also easier to clean. Regular smoothing the surface eliminates microdamages, which, contrary to appearances, are sometimes more difficult to control than significant defects. Grinding of floors and other natural stone surfaces is done with a dust-free method, which protects the walls and equipment of the facilities in which we work from dust.


We polish surfaces made of marble and other limestone by crystallization, i.e. surface glazing. This treatment enhances the color and surface structure of the stone. After the treatment, it looks like a freshly washed mirror, while increasing its hardness, abrasion resistance and maintaining anti-slip properties. This maintenance procedure will work when the surface is not too damaged, and in the case of heavy use, it is worth carrying out the grinding procedure earlier. In order to vitrify the surface structure of the stone, we use high-quality acid chemicals as well as professional machines and tools, and each procedure is preceded by a test at the company's expense.